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Name: Anna "Annie" Clare Sawyer
Age: Permanently 22 physically, since she died at that age. Upper 20s when you add in her time as a ghost.
Height: 5'5''
Weight: IDK
Medical Info: SHE'S DEAD.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Physical Features: Tan skinned, with very dark hair. It's extremely curly and thick. ALSO she always, always wears the same clothes! They change slightly depending on what mood she's in, but overall it's the same outfit forever since it's what she died in. If you touch her, she'll feel slightly squishy due to reasons explained in the abilities section.

What's Not Okay To Mention: Everything's fine! She's a very emotional person in general, so a lot of things would either upset or anger her, but that is fun to play. :>

Abilities: Listed here.

Notes for Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: She's a ghost. So. Yeah. She’s also pretty traumatized because the people she loved more than anything in the world all died really horribly, and it affected her pretty badly as she was anchored to them (explained in abilities post).

Shapeshifting/Bodyswapping/Spitting at/Stepping on/Etc: Ask for the first two (as I am not entirely sure how you can bodyswap with a ghost) but everything else, go for it.

Hugging/Kissing/Other Non-Violent Physical Contact: Go ahead! Although if it's forceful she'd just teleport the hell away.

Maim/Murder/Death: LOL

Emo/Angst/Drama: Go for it.

Cooking: She is a great cook!
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fourth wall continuations for my current and dropped characters
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Just a note that I am updating Annie to the end of series four! The short, unspoilery explanation is that she's going to be somewhat out of it and not acting like her usual self for a while because. Stuff happens. Yes.

If you want to see a spoilery summary of what happened I wrote one a while ago here.


Jun. 7th, 2013 05:48 pm
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Ed Elric ([personal profile] shortjoke) | Activity(ies): talk about resurrecting the dead!!! FUN THINGS; braid each other's hair; talk about each other's jobs
Nozoma Tomoko ([personal profile] switchcraft) | Activity(ies): Host a tea party for everyone in Camp
Jade Ellsworth ([personal profile] fourthsaken) | Activity(ies): talk about home; EDWARD FORTYHANDS
Shiba Takeru ([personal profile] pussyfortono) | Activity(ies): | Activity(ies): have a sleepover; get Takeru to talk like a punk for an entire day
Hino Eiji ([personal profile] regretnooothing) | Activity(ies): Ask everyone what kind of underwear they wear; camp out by the beach
Jack ([personal profile] ihulk) | Activity(ies): talk about family; talk about death; post something embarrassing on the network

HELLO EVERYONE please use this post if you want to drop a line about counseling things. I'm on a sort of hiatus atm so I might be somewhat slow but I will catch all of you. ♥ You can also poke me at sparkingly at gmail as well.

Let's have some fun!!
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OKAY so the new season of Being Human is actually answering a lot of questions on how the world works. So this post is gonna be a dumping ground for any and all new info we get in S5. Obviously will contain spoilers and the like.

watch being human btw )
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Hey there! Do you mind a chat?
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Since we're probably going to be getting a clue soon, I figured we should set one of these up for ourselves.
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Just a note that I've been rather MIA because of school and other rl obligations. Also I am going to continue to be somewhat scarce for another week or so, although I'll be around slightly more after this week ends! I'll just be slow.

This is Annie/Kara/Ben/Leo/Sofia/CHARACTERS.
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continuations in old posts etc.


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